Drive Controlled Homing (DCH)

Homing is the process of referencing the incremental position feedback of the motor to a known location. For systems using incremental encoders, a homing process is required.

Dch Motionbench Snapshot

Drive Controlled Homing (DCH) is a method of homing where the servo drive controls an axis to find its home position. This can be utilized by motion controllers to simplify their homing logic. It can also enable drive standalone control so a motion controller is not required, reducing system setup costs.

With the DCH function, the drive takes care of majority of the homing procedures which simplifies the system design. ANCA Motion has developed a specific algorithm to determine the home position precisely to micrometre level without the need for an expensive home switch at high accuracy. The DCH can be configured and deployed easily in MotionBench software. 



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