Drive Data Logger

Drive Data logging is the measuring and recording of set parameters on a drive, over a period of time. As the data is sampled within the drive, higher sampling bandwidth can be achieved than the data logging at control unit (E.g. CNC).

Drive Data Logger For Website

ANCA Motion has specifically designed and developed their servo drives and MotionBench software to configure, capture and display these parameters live, for a range of general, specific, or complex applications.

Drive data logger can monitor up to 4 parameters like current or velocity, live at any one time. Results are easily record from a predefined trigger condition/s which can be assigned to a wide range of events, E.g. an error, once a certain condition is reached. 

The drive is designed to capture high bandwidth data with sampling frequency up to 16khz. MotionBench provides a friendly user interface for configuring the drive data logger and visualizing captured data making the data simple and easy to read.

Fault diagnosing is also simplified through drive data logger, reducing the time spent on diagnosing an error and downtime for the machine. 

The graph above illustrates an example of drive data logger where current, velocity, position and DC bus voltage feedback are captured. The trigger condition in this example is set to be the enable of Drive Controlled Move (DCM).



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