Fly Cutting

Fly-Cutting allows cutting to be done with a scanning motion along straight and arc paths, significantly increasing machine productivity for thin material.

Many control systems are unable to produce high quality cuts due to machine lag and the time it takes for their systems to send and receive messages. ANCA Motion’s CNC have been configured to determine the lag incurred and can recalculate the cut path/s accordingly. ANCA Motion's laser applications cut precision has been designed and tested to be under a nano second and uses IEEE 1588 calculations to produce a superior cut and finish for your customers.

ANCA Motion’s software is capable of turning on the laser within 1um of the specified X, Y location, when contouring at a constant velocity.

ANCA Motion are able to achieve such high accuracy due to their AMD5x IO Expansion cards ability to synchronise with the machines motion, increases accuracy & precision. Another benefit of this integration significantly reduces the time needed to send a message from ANCA Motion’s control system to the Laser source. Other control system’s do not have this integration as they use external IO, this increases the time needed to send a message to the Laser source.



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