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Tom Frier

ANCA Motion was founded on innovation and technology in the 1970’s. These values are still the driving force behind the company’s investment in developing the next generation of engineers and ideas.

Partnering with Swinburne University in Victoria, ANCA Motion offer 4th year engineering students an opportunity to come and work in their Head office in Bayswater North. This provides students with hands on application training and exposure to world class technology and manufacturing.

This year ANCA Motion is recognising the efforts and contribution of one of Swinburne’s graduating students, Tom Frier. Completing his Bachelor of Engineering, Product Design Engineering, Tom has received the ‘Certificate of Excellence in Technical Systems’ for his end of year project, Micron.

 “As large scale manufacturing migrates to economies that can support cheaper labour and materials, engineers need to change how they work and think” Frier says. Micron is a simulator which recreates the working environment and teaches students vital skills, without having to leave the classroom.     Tom believes it’s important for the future to “train young engineers in a practical and interactive manner with new technologies that allow for them to not only understand the nature of manufacturing in the modern world, but also reinstate the hands on and practical experience learning that our parents had.”

Accepting a permanent position with ANCA Motion, Tom is excited about developing new products and delivering world class motion control solutions.

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