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ANCA Motion, along with our sister company ANCA CNC Machines, are once again proud to announce that we are the platinum sponsor for the RMIT Electric Car team

The Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE) organises the largest engineering competition in the world, known as Formula SAE (or FSAE), with over 500 teams, and events on every continent. RMIT's objective is to design and build an open wheel race car to enter into the competition, where it will compete against other universities in various events. 

RMIT Electric Racing formed in 2008 and was the first ever electric vehicle built for the Formula SAE competition. Built on over a decade of success from RMIT Racing, a small team of interested students and staff set out to prove that they could produce a simple and completely electric counterpart for the combustion vehicle competition.

In Australia, RMIT Electric Racing continues to be the number 1 placed electric vehicle, and is every year outperforming more and more combustion rivals. RMIT Electric Racing is fully-committed to sustainable engineering which is one of the many reasons The ANCA Group are proud to support their ideas and future.

Last month the RMIT team showed staff from The ANCA Group around the vehicle and a selected few got to take it out on the track and put it through its paces. Everyone was very impressed with the speed of the vehicle and how well it handled, even in the Melbourne greasy & cold conditions. The passion shown by the team was infectious with many staff now following them on social media and planning on attending their big race at the end of the year!

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