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Lin X With Trademark

ANCA Motion design and manufacture flexible control systems and  specialise in high precision CNC machines. We tailor our hardware and software to an OEMs requirements, to provide our customers with solutions that have a competitive edge. Our continuous support and innovation throughout the life of the product allows us to deliver world-class products and services. Laser and plasma cutting, multi axis machining, automation, profile cutting and customised solutions are just some of the applications we specialise in. Originally starting out in CNC and motors, our ability to provide customers with automated control solutions for all industries has seen our product range expand into servo drives, IO, EtherCAT®, user interfaces and software. Our most recent advancement in technology has come from our LinX® linear motor. Unlike traditional motors the LinX® linear motor helps improve machine life and wear on guide ways or rails. It eliminates the down force associated with flat motors, due to the zero net attractive forces. The magnetic flux in the new LinX® motor is circular, which comes with enormous benefits. There is also no back-iron, which reduces cogging and results in a smoother motion and superior surface finish.

The LinX® linear motors patent pending thermal barrier is designed to separate and remove heat from the motor, eradicating thermal growth for the machine to make the motor substantially cooler. This has enabled ANCA Motion to remove the need for a dedicated cooling system as the LinX® is able to use the machines current coolant system, improving floor space and reduce system costs.

With no down force and no cogging, and ability of IP69K rating, the LinX® produces truly amazing machine performance. The LinX®  is a perfect fit for the automation market and is a superior replacement for ball screw motors in new machine designs looking for greater performance.

The LinX® linear motor will be on display at the EMO Milano exhibition in Italy 5-10 October as well at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Germany from 24-26 November.

ANCA Motion are designers and manufacturers of flexible control systems and have specalised in high precision CNC machines, tailoring hardware and software for OEM’s requirements and providing custom solutions in motion control for over 40 years.

You can watch the video below or visit the LinX® Linear Motor page for more information

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