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Recently NDS Tooling Solutions (NDS ) in England were interviewed by the UK’s most trusted source for precision engineering information, . NDS are a leading cutting tool producer in the engineering industry producing tool precision of the highest quality. They pride themselves on their state of the art factory and investing in high-end machinery for cutting edge design and grinding- the modern way.

To help increase production NDS recently invested in an ANCA FX7 Linear Machine. The FX7 comes equipped with an automated robot loading arm allowing NDS to produce a larger volume of tools in the same timeframe, increasing productivity.

The FX7 delivers higher spindle power and improved accuracy resulting in an excellent surface finish due to its linear motor technology.

“With the linear motors, we found that the surface finish on the tools was far superior[1].”

– Dean Eaves, Director, NDS Tooling Solutions Ltd

The state of the art LinX® Linear motor incorporated in the FX7 has significant benefits over other traditional motors with ground-breaking technology and design. ANCA Motion’s tubular LinX® Linear Motors consist of a shaft containing magnets and a forcer containing wound copper coils. The symmetric design results in zero attractive forces between the forcer and shaft, greatly reducing the loading requirement on support bearings.

S Series Lin X

The high speed and acceleration, standalone thermal stability and the ability to achieve IP69K protection make LinX® an ideal solution for machine tools, food processing and other automation industries.

The LinX® Linear Motors range is designed to allow easy replacement of ball screws and pneumatic cylinders in existing machine designs. Being tubular in profile, the LinX® system is also far more compact than flatbed motors, effectively fitting into a similar space as a regular ball-screw and circular motor. This allows easy re-engineering & integration into machines requiring minimal floor space.

With no down force and no cogging, the LinX® produces truly amazing machine performance with direct motion control, resulting in a smoother motor and superior surface finish.

The FX7 also uses ANCA Motion drive technology and user interfaces. The EtherCAT®-based AMD5x Series is a multi-axis servo system that delivers high efficiency and performance motion control for rotary and linear motors. Detailed drive configuration and turning parameters can be customised easily for unique applications designed to optimise system performance. The drive’s large encoder bandwidth and ultra-low current sensing noise enhance its excellent operating characteristics.

Nds Cabinet

ANCA Motion’s user interfaces are designed and manufactured for modern-day control systems. The easy to use touch pad with state of the art technology, allows you to interact easily through advanced gestures on its multi-touch screen.  The touch pad interfaces directly with the any or ANCA Motion’s control system software to support fast and flexible access for real-time control. In conjunction, the handheld remote pendant provides users with a portable machine control interface that is compact, lightweight and durable.


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