Stand-Alone Drive Control with IO Mapping

ANCA Motion's drive control can be programmed via a CNC or directly through the drive itself, as many automation customers do not require a CNC.

Drive Stand Alone Control Wit Io Mapping For Website

The ability to control a drive by IO mapping allows for easier programming and lowers the cost for simple control requirements.

ANCA Motion have also developed an advanced standalone control where the IO inputs can be mapped to the drive’s control parameters and status words. For example, digital inputs can be mapped to trigger Drive Controlled Move (DCM) and digital outputs can be mapped to indicate the drive’s operating status.

Standalone drive control can be configured through ANCA Motion's, MotionBench software, that also captures and displays parameters live, for a range of general, specific, or complex applications. All configurations can be saved to the drive in MotionBench.

The pictures below show an example of IO mapping configuration in MotionBench.

In the digital input configuration page:

  • Digital input 1 is mapped to control drive enable/reset
  • Digital input 2 is mapped to command drive homing
  • Digital input 3 is mapped to the home switch in the system
  • Digital input 4 is mapped to enable Drive Controlled Move (DCM)

In the digital output page:

  • Digital output 1 is mapped to indicate drive’s error status
  • Digital output 2 is mapped to indicate drive’s homing status
  • Digital output 3 is mapped to indicate drive’s enable/disable status 



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