Tech Table Cut Quality - Laser Application

The laser cutting process is a complex science that has many different variables influencing the final cut quality and cycle time. ANCA Motion’s Tech Table allows operators to specify these variables per material, thickness and quality.

Different parts require different cut quality. The Tech Table provides the operator to select the quality mode providing options for different sets of cutting parameters for the same material and thickness. The operator may choose to set multiple parameters i.e. high-quality cutting and a fast cutting. The Tech Table permits the operator to easily switch between multiple sets providing flexibility with the click of a button.

The Tech Table database has a graphical user interface making it easy to specify new cutting qualities, edit current ones and delete old ones. This is crucial for operators to optimise their cutting quality and time spent on setting up or changing cuts.

ANCA Motion’s tech table can be modified by the operator anytime the machine is not in cycle. This allows the operator to setup the machine specifically for the part they wish to cut. 



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